Changelog version 3.4.0

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Did you know, that the word “mail” is said to originate from the word “male” used for a travelling bag in medieval English? Later on, the word “mail” started to appear as a reference for a bag that actually contained letters.

Instead of someone having to drag around bags full of letters, nowadays majority of mailing happens via something we call the electronic mail. That’s pretty dandy!

In this release we are thrilled to introduce the new functionality of sending scheduling invites via email.

New: Start typing invitees name on the participant screen and you will get a list that contains not only phone numbers but also emails.
New: Picking email contacts from your address book no longer cause an error but adds the participant.
New: You can now toggle between email and SMS input when adding contacts manually. Apparently the device needs to know this to be able to show a correct type of keyboard.
New: Delegating scheduling and meetings to others can now be done using email as well.

Fix: Adding people to already scheduled meetings now use the same functionality as inviting new people to scheduling.

Android Only:

Fix: Occasionally disconnected calendars got connected again after user logged in. That’s confusing. Gladly it’s fixed now.

Please enjoy this batch of updates and stay tuned for more. Also, give us a shout if you think there’s something we could do better!


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