Changelog version 3.3.0

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Gargantuan, colossal, cosmic, monstrous, monumental, and humongous are all adjectives used to describe an exceptionally big size. I could use any of them to accurately characterize our latest update. Our engineers have given their very best to bring you this comprehensive combination of new features and fixes.

“What are these new things you speak of?” you cravingly insist.

Foreseeing your fervor towards our latest version I have prepared this log of changes to enlighten you.

New: We added a new feature that allows you to delegate a meeting. This is great news for all our business users! For all the minions… Not so much.
New: We introduced a new menu to remove some clutter from the meeting details. Options like leave scheduling, leave meeting, remove meeting, and add a photo can be found under the new and shiny menu.
New: Added a support for 24-hour clock. I can hear our beloved neighboring Nordic countries and the rest of Europe scream in joy.
New: Removed the country code drop down menu to simplify login. Just type your phone number with the country code and we will automatically recognize it. If the country code is missing you will get to pick your country from the list.
New: Altered the timing of our reminders. Instead of spamming the participant every 15 minutes we now offer actually working friendly reminders during the first 24-hours after the scheduling was started. We try to reach and remind participants first with push notifications, then SMS, and lastly email.
New: Organizer will now be notified if some participants have not provided their availability during the first 24-hours.
New: Added an automatic periodical background test to ensure that the notifications are delivered correctly.
New: There is also a new beautiful blue button in the push notification settings that allows you to test the push notifications whenever you feel like it! Go ahead, I dare you to give it a try!

Fix: If no changes were made, the material editor no longer nags about unsaved changes being lost.
Fix: Updated functionality of adding contacts to invite. Next button is disabled to prevent unnecessary error dialogue.
Fix: Rescheduling now starts from the review screen. No need to start a whole new scheduling. YAY!
Fix: There is no longer any white stuff in the background of the tiny speed stripes on the “start scheduling” button. This fix made one of our team members extremely happy. We can only hope it does the same for you.
Fix: The old title in the swiping screen was way too long. Our visual designer almost lost a few nights sleep while contemplating on this. Luckily our engineers got around to fix it.

Please enjoy the update and let us know what you think!



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