Coming Soon: The Best Way to Find a Suitable Time to Meet Multiple People

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Whether it’s about a business meeting or just trying to arrange a dinner with friends —  scheduling usually has a tendency to escalate into an all out bombardment of emails.

“We first designed SwipeToMeet as a new feature for but as the team proceeded with the development, we soon realized that scheduling is not a problem for the business people only. It is a job that everyone has to face every now and then.”
– CEO Teemu Arina,

SwipeToMeet is a fully mobile and FREE scheduling application that simplifies and minimizes the amount of manual work required from both the organizer as well as the participants.

We could have created a simple feature that would only compare everyone’s availability and suggest times based on that. However we wanted to take the application a step further and really bring something new to the market –even to those, who don’t have a digital calendar or use it unregularly.

Scheduling starts with the organizer setting up the basic rules for the upcoming meeting by answering three simple questions: What time of the day the meeting should take place, How long will it last and where are you meeting.


Answering the questions allows SwipeToMeet to quickly form a framework that is used for suggesting possible meeting times. As a mobile app SwipeToMeet has the access to the devices calendar allowing it to make suggestions that should work in the first place.

That’s right, we get the availability directly from the device. Basically every imaginable calendar that is synchronized with – let’s say your phone – is supported. Of course we support a direct integration with Google Calendar and have upcoming support for Office 365 as well.

Say goodbye to the easy-to-forget and spammy email invitations

New scheduling participants are added using your devices contact book. To guarantee a quick delivery and the best reach, the invites are sent via SMS from the service. Each invite contains an URL that leads to a personalized mobile site. This means, that the participants don’t need the app to take part in the scheduling. The app is required only for starting a new scheduling.

SwipetoMeet saves you time by doing the all the math in the background

We realize, that not everyone is a big fan of sharing their digital calendar data with third-party services. There are also people who count on their always-reliable paperback calendars. In these cases there is no real way of knowing their actual availability.

“Without going any deeper into the boring technicalities, the real beauty of SwipeToMeet lies in the smart suggestions that are automatically generated by the service.”
– CTO Antti Vähäkotamäki,

In a nutshell the app does the entire math in the background leaving all the participants with a couple of highly personalized and dynamic suggestions to either accept or decline.



These suggestions are constantly updated based on other participants’ answers. Even if we have no clue about everyone’s availability we can easily give them suggestions that are already accepted by everyone else.

SwipeToMeet makes finding suitable time with everyone as easy as swiping a match on Tinder (the famous dating app).
— Teemu Arina CEO of

We are currently collecting sign ups for our early access list. If you really want to get your hands on the app quickly, you can also apply to our focus group beta program for companies.

The FREE app will be made available for the public later 2015.


Leave the scheduling pain behind.

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